There is perhaps no better way to form an everlasting bond with a significant other than to travel the world with them. Whether your ideal vacation is to relax, go on daily adventures, or take advantage of all the room service at your disposal, doing so with a loved one is unlike most experiences. For couples seeking that perfect getaway, consider any of the following destinations for a romantic, and surely enjoyable time.


This may be a no-brainer for those looking to really treat their significant others, but France has some of the most scenic towns in all of Europe, specifically Chassignolles. Paris may be a little too cliche for some, so it is recommended to seek out smaller locations when traveling as a couple. Though it only has one hotel in town, Chassignolles is truly a sight to see. With meadows filled with flowers, farms hosting herds of cows, and food markets found around town, this virtually private getaway is a perfect environment for two.

New York, New York

An obvious vacation destination for anyone, New York City has more culture within its five boroughs than most states do in their entire borders. The change of scenery that occurs when one goes from the bustling avenues of Times Square to the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn is truly remarkable. Landmarks like the Plaza Hotel not only provide an extremely luxurious hotel stay (though fairly expensive), but shops offering handmade jewelry, high quality clothes, champagne bars, and more, making it ideal for spoiling your significant other.

Aside from the countless hotels at your expense in this city, there are literally thousands of restaurants to choose from for a romantic candlelit dinner, one of which being Salon de Ning on Fifth Avenue. Some of the amenities that come with this 1930’s Shanghai inspired restaurant are mandarin cocktails, heat lamps for colder nights, and an absolutely stunning view of the city; all the right ingredients for a memorable date.


You could visit almost any town in Italy and find a romantic hotspot. The country is full of stunning wineries, towns, mountains, and beaches that make any trip worth the long flight from the United States. Coastal villages may be your best option when planning a romantic trip, as most of the major cities will more than likely be crowded year-round. The town of Vico Equense for example, has some of the best restaurants you can find with the freshest seafood, and views that put some classical art pieces to shame.

Nova Scotia

For a colder-climate vacation, the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia has some of the most aesthetic bed-and-breakfast’s in the world. There are a number of art galleries around the island, rustic homes weathered by the salty winds, and fishing ports for those that may want to catch their own dinners. Tours along the shorelines are offered as well for romantic sunrises or sunsets, making the views some of the most romantic aspects of a trip here.