One of the trickiest tasks faced when planning a cruise is choosing the right ship for you. They’re often difficult to tell apart, with some catering to singles, some to families, and others to senior citizens. As a newcomer to these adventures on the water, it can be all the more difficult. The following are a few well known cruises that cater to a variety of audiences.

Royal Caribbean: Allure of the Seas

This is the largest cruise ship in the world with so much space that it almost feels like a small town. The center of the ships is lined with several shops, several ice skating rinks, pools, restaurants, a rock climbing wall, and even a zip line. With all of this, Allure of the Seas is surely for the more adventurous type that doesn’t want to get bored too easily. The cruise is accommodating to both couples, and families.

National Geographic Orion

For the avid travelers who want to see the world, the ships operated by National Geographic offer much more unique cruises reaching all corners of the world. An added bonus is the reduced crowd size. The number of guests is not like that of Carnival cruises or other mainstream lines. Destinations include the South Pacific, Indonesia, South Africa, and the Indian Ocean, giving those onboard the opportunity to experience a much more exotic getaway.

Disney Fantasy

Families seeking vacations that allow their children to have fun, look no further. Some cruises today advertise themselves as the best for families, but tend to only have one or two attractions designed for children while the adults have all the fun. Much like Disney World, this ship comes with water slides, pools, Disney shows and productions, and appearances by none other than Mickey himself, along with several other characters. While this may seem like a kid only for children, adults can treat themselves to several nightclubs and spas.

Norwegian Breakaway

Sailing to either Bermuda of the Bahamas, this rock-and-roll cruise is for those who love nightlife. Comparable to Times Square, this cruise has broadway shows and clubs that perform some of the most famous plays today, like “Rock of Ages” and “Burn the Floor”. There are comedy clubs, blues clubs, and even an 80’s themed party complete with fireworks. It’s safe to say that this cruise is best for partiers.

Celebrity Reflection

Here’s another unique cruise. Celebrity Reflection offers a vacation experience for those who wish to stay in shape, or even get in better ship while enjoying their time away from home. Swimming classes, thermal spas, and healthy dining all come with a ticket to this trip, and of course, a gym full of equipment and fitness classes.

No matter what your ideal getaway is, cruises can be some of the most fun experiences you’ll ever take part in. Regardless of the country your ship is traveling to, the ride there is perhaps more than half the fun. Consider any of those mentioned above depending on the type you’re looking for, and be sure to have a fun, relaxing time.