The city of London, England, has been established now for roughly two millenia and, as the capital of England, is one of the World’s leading global cities.  Having prowess and prominence in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transport, it is no wonder that London is recognized as a Global powerhouse and entity of success.

Should you ever have the opportunity to travel to this glorious city, there a few must-sees of the city. These sights, albeit tourist-y, would be a travesty to overlook on your travels. After all, they’re tourist destinations for a good reason- these locales are iconic and unique to this beautiful city, playing a part in what makes it such an unforgettable and classic destination.

Big Ben:

Even if you’ve never seen it, odds are high you’ve heard about it. Big Ben is the nickname for the stunning clock tower which is also a part of the palace of Westminster.  This neo-Gothic style tower is stunning in photos and even more breathtaking to behold in person.  Not to mention, in adding Big Ben to your sight-seeing list, you’ll be able to check off having seen Westminster Palace and the Parliament building as well, all of which embody historical feats of architecture.

Tower Bridge:

Also known as the, “London Bridge,” the Tower Bridge was completed and opened in 1894. Originally, the drawbridge was steam-powered, although today it is electrically operated, allowing large ships to pass through when they need to make their way upstream.  Just this past year (2014) the high level walkways of the bridge were upgraded with glass floors, allowing pedestrians to look down to the street, roughly 138 feet below.

Buckingham Palace:

If you’re in London, you simply cannot miss the home of the Royal Family. As I’m sure you can imagine, the home of the Queen is not typically open for visitors.  That said, if you happen to visit during the summer months, the interior is open for a short time during this season.  On this visit inside, one can viethe State Rooms, still used to entertain dignitaries and guests of state, and part of the gardens. The outdoor visitor route includes a short stroll along the west side of the palace garden, in which you can see views of the garden, palace and nineteenth-century lake.

The Queen’s Gallery is open year-round, allowing guests to view her personal collection of treasures, including paintings by Rubens and Rembrandt.  Definitely worth checking out!

These locales are just 3 of the endless things to do in London, England. Hopefully this will pique your interest and get you excited about all of the possibilities within London!