Sometimes the best travel advice comes from informed word-of mouth sources. Sure, travel guides can be great, but there is a certain warmth that comes with getting a tip you may not find elsewhere.

Over at The Guardian, this what put into practice by compiling some of the best tips and hidden gems in the Central European country of Slovenia. The country, which is nestled between Italy and Croatia, has mountainous terrain and well-preserved medieval architecture. This combination makes it a must-see for nature-lovers and history buffs alike. Be sure to check out the article to see the beautiful images. In the meantime, here are some of the more notable entries.


The runaway tip from this list was President Tito’s Tearoom, located in the hills above Lake Bled. Once you get there, you may be so taken by the ambience that you forget to actually order any tea! The tearoom was a favorite of the first president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, and has been fully restored to include the original furniture. It also offers sweeping views of the lake, where you can get a view of the Church of St. Martin, which is located on an island in its center! All of this makes your coffee or tea time that much more enjoyable.

If you are big on pastries and baked treats, one user suggests checking out the GP Trojane. Its most famous offering is the Trojane krof, a large jam-filled doughnut. The user also recommends getting soup with rezanci (a type of noodle)  and local sausages.

Explore Outdoors

User cand882 stumbled upon Logarska Dolina Landscape Park by accident, but it quickly became one of her favorite parts of the trip. The lush yet mountainous park is located close to the Austrian border, and will provide hours of exploration. It provides beautiful opportunities for biking, and there is even a waterfall to see.

Train travel is one of the most underrated modes of exploring the picturesque countryside. In Slovenia, don’t shy away from it, and hop on the Bohinj railway for a trip to Nova Gorica. You’ll see the beautiful Italian and chug along the pristine Sava River.


Slovenia has a rich history, and travelers love exploring the past there. What better place to start than the Predjama Castle. Located in Postojna, the castle is a 13th century fortress built into the mouth of one of the village’s many caves. It is also famous for the Erazem Passage. Legend has it that a night once used that passage to smuggle supplies into the castle during a siege, and was able to hold out for one year and a day.

You can also check out the town of Radovljica, which is the site of an old medieval square and several museums that explore the country’s rich history and traditions.