Today, it’s so easy to plan your entire trip online. You can book on Expedia; read reviews on Yelp. Rent a car; reserve a room. One can even virtually explore the area with Google Maps. What more could a traveler want?

To start, planning your own trip can end up being extremely stressful. You’re trying to wrap things up at work. You’re busy making arrangements at home. You barely have time to pack the things you need. The last thing you’ll want to do is arrive stressed out with no plans on the agenda.

Enter the revitalized, almost extinct role of the travel agent.

Believe it or not, the travel agent is returning in a big way.

While the industry has seen devastating cuts over the last two decades, signs show that the role may receive an encore. More than 30% of millennials say they’ll use a travel agent over the next year; a figure that’s doubled over recent years.

These stats aren’t surprising. For some trips, handling the travel logistics is easy to tackle on your own. But other times, managing the details of a large trip can send you in a tailspin. And it turns out that the one thing that online sites can’t provide–the humanness of the process– ranks high on the list of many travelers.

Take a look at the following three reasons when booking a travel agent is a great idea. Originally found on, this travel tip makes a whole lot of sense!

  1. You’re traveling with a large group

No matter how much you love your family members or friends, the last place you’ll want to find yourself is the person arranging the entire trip. To start, there are far too many details to iron out. Booking the right flights and hotel rooms alone will send you straight to an agent. Do yourself a favor and let the help of an experienced professional plan your trip. Best of all, you won’t be responsible for any hiccups along the way.

  1. You’re traveling internationally

Whether this is your first big trip abroad or the latest adventure in your never ending journey to see as much of the world as possible, international travel will always involve more logistics than domestic excursions.

Perhaps the best thing about working with an agent when planning for your trip is that you’ll be able to ask as many questions as possible. You’ll no doubt save time and energy. Working with an experienced professional will provide you with great insights.

  1. You have no idea what you want to do

Yes, the internet is full of guides and tourist to-do’s. But often times these resources leave people feeling more overwhelmed than when they started. Don’t let the vast stores of the internet overwhelm your trip details. Talk with your agent on what you enjoy doing. She’ll be able to provide options that you may not have even considered!