Whether you are traveling to take a break from work responsibilities, explore new cultures, or to visit friends, squeezing in time to see some of the most visually breathtaking locations should be a necessity. Most locations have something to offer. All you have to do is look.

Lover’s Beach in Mexico

The Marieta Islands just south of Cabo house some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Because they are uninhabited, and thus, undisturbed, the wildlife and overall environment are in pristine conditions. Known as Lover’s Beach, this enormous crater covering a secluded beach was supposedly created by military testing in the early 1900s. Today, it is one of the most stunning beaches in the world.

Canada’s Spotted Lake

Out west in British Columbia lies an amazing sight that does not last all year. The Spotted Lake’s deposits are caused by the vast amounts of minerals found in its waters, which are manifested after the snow melts and evaporates in late spring, early summer. It’s located just a short distance from the Okanagan Valley, and a couple-hour trip east from Vancouver.

Norway’s Trolltunga

Resembling Pride Rock from The Lion King, this amazing cliff sitting above Norway’s Lake Ringedalsvatnet is quite difficult to reach. From the basepoint, it requires a 10 or 12 hour hike to reach this spot, but the view is absolutely worth the trek, so long as the weather permits. With that said, the best times to go are between mid-June and early September for optimal visibility. The hike up this monstrous mountain provides quite the scene as well, with waterfalls and forests lining every turn.

Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forest

Right outside Kyoto rests this enormous group of what just may be the tallest bamboo plants you will ever see. Through winding paths and gardens, visitors are able to explore this amazing forest free of charge. While it can get crowded, early morning or late evenings tend to open up the park for those who wish to experience it without too much noise.

The Northern Lights
From Alaska, to Canada, to Denmark, the Northern Lights can be seen far across the northern hemisphere of our planet, and they are truly a sight to be seen. No matter where you choose to travel to see them, there are usually guided tours to give you the best date and time for the best views. Iceland is one of the many countries lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Should you choose to make this your viewing spot, the country itself is an emerging tourist spot, and for good reason.